About Voxtel

About Voxtel

For over two decades, Voxtel has maintained focus on innovating laser ranging, ladar, and lidar technologies. Today, no other company has the same level of experience, in-house technical expertise, end-to-end component design and system engineering, electro-optical manufacturing capabilities, and application domain knowledge.

Voxtel, headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, was founded in 1999 and acquired by Allegro MicroSystems in August of 2020.  Voxtel’s core team has worked together since its inception, establishing an impressive legacy of innovation and technical leadership dating back to the 1980s – built atop a firm foundation of exceptional engineering and an unwavering commitment to product excellence. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Allegro, Voxtel further maintains market leadership and increased scalability to enable the next generation of photonics innovations.

Not only does Voxtel create great products, but they are also brought to the market in a way that reduces development time and cost for our customers – giving them a competitive edge.  Balancing stability and flexibility, Voxtel enables successful navigation of the most complex project needs including custom design, material growth, device fabrication, packaging, camera electronics, and turnkey systems.

Voxtel offers expert technical leadership, continued dedication to innovation, and a steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction.

Voxtel: Look forward with us.