About Voxtel

Social Responsibility at Voxtel

At Voxtel, social responsibility is a core value. We are committed to conducting business in an ethical, socially responsible and environmentally sustainable manner with all employees, customers, shareholders, and partners. Our business practices are consistent with our Environmental,  Human Rights, and Labor Policies  – which we view as essential for continued business success. Our objective is to be an economic, intellectual and social asset to the communities in which we operate.*

Benefits of Diversity

We believe that an inclusive and diverse workplace promotes a culture of creativity, innovation, and collaboration.

Culture of Inclusion and Innovation

We strive to create an inclusive, balanced, and collaborative environment that enables employees to develop and utilize their talents, give back to their communities, and advance their careers.

Focus on the Environment

Our technical innovations and practices help to increase the environmental sustainability of our products, solutions, and operations.

To learn more, please see Allegro MicroSystems’ Quality Standards and Environmental Certifications, including our Policy on Global Citizenship.