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DARPA awarded DRS, Voxtel, BAE and Loma “Software Reconfigurable Multifunction Imaging Sensors” contract

June 12, 2017

According to the military and avionics website reported on June 7, 2017, the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency officials also awarded DRS network and imaging systems LLC, Voxtel, BAE Systems’ Electronic Systems Division and Lockheed Martin Company Navigation and Fire Control department “software reconfigurable multi-functional imaging sensor” (ReImagine) contract. It can distinguish the sensor array in different areas of the imaging model, and before that, the need to use several different sensors to achieve this function.

The project seeks to develop a software reconfigurable multimodal imaging system whose function is usually not accessible within a focal plane array: the reconfigurable area can operate not only in other areas but also on the reconstructed array of measurements The idea is to develop an imaging focal plane array that can accommodate different conditions and modes of operation, collecting the most valuable information in the scene. Similar to the functions of a field programmable gate array (FPGA) processor, reconfigurable imaging sensors can be defined by using several imaging modes that may be designed after the array is designed.

On May 30, Lockheed Martin received a contract for a potential reconfigurable imaging project worth $ 10.2 million; on June 5, DRS received a $ 10.1 million potential contract; on 1 June, BAE Systems received Potential $ 7.5 million contract; May 30, Voxtel received a potential $ 5.2 million contract. (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Electronics First Institute Xu Wenqi)

(Original title: DARPA awarded DRS, Voxtel, BAE and Loma “software reconfigurable multi-functional imaging sensor” contract)