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Non-local Model for the Spacial Distribution of Impact Ionization Events in Avalanche Photodiodes

April 11, 2013

Voxtel staff have co-authored a paper with the University of New Mexico titled Non-local Model for the Spatial Distribution of Impact Ionization Events in Avalanche Photodiodes. The paper describes the numeric models developed by University of New Mexico to describe the performance of Voxtel’s single carrier multiplication (SCM) APD. The paper has been submitted for publication to Applied Physics Letters (APL).

The complete abstract follows:

We report an extension of the analytical Dead Space Multiplication Theory [IEEE Trans. Electr. Dev., vol. 39, pp. 546-552, 1992] that provides the means to analytically determine the spatial distribution of electron and hole impact-ionization events in an arbitrarily specified heterojunction multiplication region. The model can be used to understand the role of dead space in regularizing the locations of impact ionization. It can also be utilized to analyze, design and optimize new generations of ultra-low noise, multi-staged gain avalanche photodiodes based upon judiciously energizing and relaxing carriers to enhance electron impact ionizations and suppress hole impact ionizations.