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Spatial mapping of electronic states provides clues that allow fine tuning of nanocrystal properties

October 31, 2014

Voxtel Nano scientists Thomas Allen and Peter Palomaki were recently published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters in a collaboration with University of Oregon Assistant Professor George Nazin.  The paper entitled “Spatial Mapping of Sub-Bandgap States Induced by Local Nonstoichiometry in Individual Lead Sulfide Nanocrystals” explores the electronic structure of individual lead sulfide nanocrystals, which have applications in solar cells, photodetectors, and light-emitting devices.  Professor Nazin’s specialized scanning tunneling microscopy system allows scientists, for the first time, to spatially map the electronic states present in a single nanocrystal, providing clues for further tuning of the nanocrystal properties.  The observations made studying VoxtelNano’s lead sulfide quantum dots have already led to an improved understanding of devices currently in development at VoxtelNano.