Press Releases

Voxtel Receives DARPA ReImagine Program Award for Software Reconfigurable Imaging and Ranging Sensor for Autonomous Navigation and Military Imaging
Voxtel Inc. has been awarded the first phase of a potential $5.2 million contract by the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) for the Reconfigurable Imaging (ReImagine) program.
Voxtel is developing a multi-mode fused image sensor that integrates short-wavelength infrared (SWIR) passive imaging and laser detection and radar (LADAR) sensing in the same imager.
Voxtel Raises the Bar Again with the ROX™ Rx Series Lowest Cost, Best Performance Eyesafe LRF Receivers
Compared to the previous generation of industry-leading ROX receivers, the new 100-MHz, 200-µm model delivers 50% improvement in sensitivity at half the cost. To enable Voxtel customers to produce ranging systems that are smaller and less expensive than others, Voxtel designed the ROX Rx series of LRF receivers for high sensitivity with low false alarm rates.03/07/2016
Voxtel Launches New Class of High-Performance Eye-Safe Micro-Laser Rangefinders
Smaller than a keyboard mouse, this new class of high-performance, eye-safe laser rangefinder in an extremely compact, lightweight package is designed for use by high-performance consumer, industrial, and military system integrators.04/20/2015
Voxtel's Ultra-Miniature Eye-Safe Laser Rangefinder Module Provides OEM Integrators Unprecedented Size, Weight and Power Advantages
Micro-LRF Achieves Single-Shot Ranging to 5 km with 200-mm Precision 05/22/2014
Voxtel Introduces Lowest Cost 64-channel Time-to-digital Converter
High-energy event time-stamp can reduce the cost of military systems04/25/2013
Voxtel Awarded Contract to Develop New Optical Technologies for NASA
Light-steering techniques will break the half-millennium standstill in optical lens technology and open a new field of transformational optics.04/09/2013
Voxtel Introduces New Family of Lowest-cost, Highest-performance, Eye-safe Laser Rangefinder Receivers
A highly sensitive avalanche photodiode (APD) receiver with integrated functionality establishes a new price–performance benchmark for rangefinding applications04/04/2013
Voxtel Wins DARPA MGRIN-II Award
Voxtel has received a 9-month contract to develop ink jet printed gradient index optics.07/18/2012
Voxtel’s Innovation Powers a Next-Generation Solar Cell
First-ever practical demonstration of advanced solar collection technique published in Science07/18/2012